Elastic Wave Dynamics Problems


Alexander Kleshchev
Department of Physics, Saint-Petersburg State Navy Technical University, Russia.


In recent years, there has been an increase in interest in problems in the field of the diffraction, radiation, and propagation of elastic waves that are associated with the interaction of bodies both with each other and with media interfaces. In addition, a great deal of attention has recently been paid to solutions to three-dimensional wave problems (with the help of Debye potentials) for elastic isotropic and anisotropic bodies of analytical and non-analytical forms.

This monograph provides the characteristics of the sound scattering (scattering cross-sections and angular diagram) of prolate and oblate spheroids, as well as the Watson transformation for ideal spheroids. Additionally, the chapter investigates an acoustic model of the agitated sea surface. In future, we will study the use of equations and diffraction theory methods for problems related to the synthesis of hydroacoustic antennas as well as we will investigate the scattering of sound by elastic and viscoelastic bodies in the form of an infinite circular cylinder. The author has tried to consider all of these tendencies and trends when writing this monograph.

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January 8, 2021

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