Handbook of Pain & Palliative Approach in Cancer


Amit Kumar Dutta
Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University Jharkhand, Ranchi, India.
Sanjukta Badhei
Former HOD (Chemistry), Assistant Professor, Vikash Group of Institutions, Odisha, India.


Despite tremendous progress in medicine during last couple of decades, cancer still remains the most horrifying diagnosis for anybody due to its almost inevitable futility. Pain is a very prominent and distressful symptom in patients presenting at the end of life. In the cancer population, its prevalence is over 75% for those with advanced disease. In other palliative conditions, it is also a frequent symptom though often underestimated. This new, single-volume reference offers you today's best knowledge on successfully treating cancer pain. It covers everything from the initial evaluation of the patient with cancer pain to the final hours. This Hand book takes both a biobehavioral and a lifespan approach to understanding long-term and chronic pain, and intervening to optimize patients’ functioning. Rich in clinical diversity, chapters explore emerging areas of interest, ongoing concerns and special populations (Pediatric, Senior Citizen, Abnormal Baby). This coverage provides readers with a knowledge base in assessment, treatment, and management that is up to date, practice strengthening, and forward looking. With the rise of integrative perspective and the emphasis on overall quality of life rather than discrete symptoms, pain management is gaining importance across medical sciences. Handbook Of Pain & Palliative Approach In Cancer stands out as a one-stop reference for a range of professionals, including health practitioners specializing in pain management or palliative care, clinical and health psychologists, public health professionals, and clinicians and administrators in long-term care and hospice.

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January 7, 2021

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