Current Strategies in Economics and Management Vol. 1


Dr. Chun-Chien Kuo, (Editor)
Associate Professor, Department of International Business, National Taipei University of Business, Taiwan.

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Zdzisław W. Puślecki
Department of International Economics, Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Ul. Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 5, 61-614 Poznań, Poland.
Suraj Sharma
Department of Economics, S.M. (P.G.) College, Chandausi, M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, U.P., India.
Surendra Singh
Department of Economics, Government Girls College, Raisen, Barkatullah University, Bhopal, M.P., India.
Srinidhi Padmanabhan
Department of Accounting and Finance, Shrimathi Devkunvar Nanalal Bhatt Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Khavi Priya Bagya Lakshmi
Department of Accounting and Finance, Shrimathi Devkunvar Nanalal Bhatt Vaishnav College for Women, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Roberto Iorio
Department of Political and Social Studies, University of Salerno, Italy.
Maria Luigia Segnana
Department of Economics and Management, University of Trento, Italy.
Pham Tuan Anh
Thuongmai University, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy
Banking University, HCM City, Vietnam., Graduate School of International Management, International University of Japan, Niigata, Japan.
Pham Minh Dat
Thuongmai University, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Nguyen Thi Thanh Phuong
Thuongmai University, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Le Ngoc Nuong
Faculty of Management - Economic Law, University of Economics and Business Administration (TUEBA), Vietnam.
Nguyen Thu Thuy
Faculty of Economics, University of Economics and Business Administration (TUEBA), Vietnam.
Le Thi Viet Nga
Thuongmai University, Hanoi, Vietnam.
Ly Thu Trang
Thai Nguyen University of Information Technology and Communications, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam.
K. Aravindaraj
Department of Logistics Management, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India.
A. Muthusamy
Department of Commerce, Padmavani Arts & Science College for Women, Salem, India.
Iffat Jabeen Ghani
Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), SKUAST-K, Pulwama, Kashmir, India.
Gururaj Kulkarni
Kirloskar Electric Co., Bangalore and Hubli, India, Crompton Greaves Ltd., Mumbai, India, JASANZ (Joint Accreditation Scheme for Australia and New Zealand), Canberra, Australia, Prince Containers Pvt. Ltd./Prince Multiplast Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, India, Quality Council of India at National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies, New Delhi (based in Mumbai), India.


This book covers all areas of economics and management. The contributions by the authors include foreign trade policy, liberalism, protectionism, authoritarian regimes, bilateralism, government expenditure, Wagner’s law, per capita gross domestic product, error correction model, tax-saving instruments, tax planning, deductions, managerial quality, firm performance, productivity, management practices, managerial upgrading, managerial performance, equity beta, financial structure, financial crisis, tax rate, hardware and software industry, corporate governance standards, financial crisis, corporate scandals, market manipulation, internal audit, external financing, construction material industry, asset beta, consumer good industry, Special Economic Zones (SEZ), export promotion, foreign exchange, employment, foreign investment, developing countries, regained lost markets both domestic and international etc. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of economics and management.


  • Chapter 1
    In Direction to Reshaping of Foreign Trade Policy
    Zdzisław W. Puślecki
  • Chapter 2
    Evidence of Wagner’s Law in India Using Time Series from 1960 to 2018
    Suraj Sharma, Surendra Singh
  • Chapter 3
    A Study on the Usage of Tax Saving Instruments among Individual Assessees
    Srinidhi Padmanabhan, Khavi Priya Bagya Lakshmi
  • Chapter 4
    Countries and Firms Explaining Managerial Performances
    Roberto Iorio, Maria Luigia Segnana
  • Chapter 5
    To What Extent Corporate Tax Policy Changes Impact on the Risk Level of Viet Nam Software and Hardware Companies
    Pham Tuan Anh, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy
  • Chapter 6
    A Set of International OECD and ICGN Corporate Governance Standards after Financial Crisis, Corporate Scandals and Manipulation - Implications for Developing Countries
    Pham Minh Dat, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy
  • Chapter 7
    An Expansion Analysis of Risk Level of Viet Nam Construction Material Industry under Financial Leverage during and after the Global Crisis 2007-2009
    Nguyen Thi Thanh Phuong, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, Le Ngoc Nuong, Nguyen Thu Thuy
  • Chapter 8
    An Expansion Analysis of the Volatility of Market Risk in Groups of Viet Nam Listed Computer and Electrical Company Groups during the Financial Crisis 2007-2009
    Le Thi Viet Nga, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, Ly Thu Trang, Pham Minh Dat
  • Chapter 9
    An Analysis on Impact of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) on India’s Export
    K. Aravindaraj, A. Muthusamy
  • Chapter 10
    Recent Study to Evaluate the Intervention being Provided by AWCs Regarding Breastfeeding, Weaning and Child Diet in District Budgam of Kashmir Region (J&K) (Based on Beneficiary Responses)
    Iffat Jabeen Ghani
  • Chapter 11
    Successfully Regained Lost Market through Application of FMEA to Identify Key Issues Involved and QFD to Identify Design Characteristics to Revamp Design of Single Phase Induction Motor that Helped Kirloskar Electric to Regain the Lost Domestic and Export Markets
    Gururaj Kulkarni
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