Theory and Applications of Mathematical Science Vol. 3


Dr. Jong-Wuu Wu, (Editor)
Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics, National Chiayi University, Taiwan.

Short Biosketch

Dr. Xingting Wang, (Editor)
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Howard University, Washington, USA.
D. V. Hieu
Thai Nguyen University of Technology, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam.
N. Q. Hai
Hanoi Architectural University, Hanoi, Vietnam.
D. T. Hung
Thai Nguyen University of Technology, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam.
Ganesh Kumar Thakur
Department of Applied Sciences, Krishna Engineering College, Ghaziabad, India.
Bandana Priya
Department of Applied Sciences, G. L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management, KP-III, Greater Noida, UP, India.
Hiroshi Inoue
Center for Advancing Pharmaceutical Education, Daiichi University of Pharmacy, 22-1 Tamagawa-cho, Minami-ku, Fukuoka 815-8511, Japan.
Livio Fenga
ISTAT, Italian National Institute of Statistics, Italy.
Andriy Yurachkivsky
Taras Shevchenko National University, Kyiv, Ukraine.
Maher Jneid
Departement of Mathematics and Computer Science, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon.
Abir Chaouk
Departement of Mathematics, Bilkent University, Turkey.
N. K. Sajeevkumar
Department of Statistics Government College Kariavattom (Aliated to University of Kerala), Trivandrum-695 581, India.
R. Sumitra
Department of Mathematics, Queen Mary's College, Chennai-600004, Tamilnadu, India.
V. Rhymend Uthariaraj
Department of Information Technology, MIT Campus (Anna University), Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.
R. Hemavathy
Department of Mathematics, Queen Mary's College, Chennai-600004, Tamilnadu, India.
Asti Meiza
Faculty of Psychology, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, Indonesia.
Sutawanir Darwis
Statistical Research Division, Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia.
Agus Yodi Gunawan
Industrial and Finance Research Division of Mathematics, Natural Faculty Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia.
Efi Fitriana
Faculty of Psychology, Padjadjaran University, Indonesia.


This book covers all areas of mathematical science. The contributions by the authors include second-order ( Φ,ρ)-(pseudo/quasi)-convexity; multiobjective programming; second-order duality, duality theorem; common fixed point; generalized weak contraction; altering distance; invariant approximation; nonlinear oscillators; equivalent linearization method; weighted averaging; autoregressive models; distributed lag model; macroeconomic time series; multiresolution analysis; wavelet theory; Swallowtail model; polynomial regression; generalized Riesz systems; non-self-adjoint Hamiltonian; quasi-Hermitian quantum mechanics; biorthogonal sequences; limit distribution; generalized Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes; Ergodic theorem; Bivariate normal distribution; morgenstern type bivariate logistic distribution; morgenstern type bivariate exponential distribution; best linear unbiased estimation; coefficient variation; concomitants of order statistics; conformable fractional derivative; conformable fractional PDEs; closed form solution etc. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of mathematical science.


  • Chapter 1
    A study on Equivalent Linearization Method with a Weighted Averaging for Solving Undamped Non-linear Oscillators
    D. V. Hieu, N. Q. Hai, D. T. Hung
  • Chapter 2
    An Approach of Second-order Duality for Nondifferentiable Multiobjective Programming Involving ( Φ, ρ)-Univexity
    Ganesh Kumar Thakur, Bandana Priya
  • Chapter 3
    Generalized Riesz Systems and Ordered Structures of Their Constructing Operators
    Hiroshi Inoue
  • Chapter 4
    Multiscale Decomposition of Big Data Time Series for Analysis and Prediction of Macroeconomic Data: A Recent Approach
    Livio Fenga
  • Chapter 5
    Ergodic Properties of generalized Ornstein - Uhlenbeck Processes
    Andriy Yurachkivsky
  • Chapter 6
    Recent Advancement on Analytical Solution for Linear and Nonlinear Systems of Partial Differential Equations Involving Time Conformable Fractional Derivatives
    Maher Jneid, Abir Chaouk
  • Chapter 7
    Estimation of Parameters of Certain Bivariate Distributions with Equal Coefficients of Variation by Concomitants of Order Statistics
    N. K. Sajeevkumar
  • Chapter 8
    A Study on Common Fixed Point and Invariant Approximation Theorems for Mappings Satisfying Generalized Contraction Principle
    R. Sumitra, V. Rhymend Uthariaraj, R. Hemavathy
  • Chapter 9
    Quantitative Analysis of Relationship between Three Psychological Parameters Based on Swallowtail Catastrophe Model: A recent perspectives
    Asti Meiza, Sutawanir Darwis, Agus Yodi Gunawan, Efi Fitriana
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March 2, 2020

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