Shigenori Ito

He completed his M.D. from Nagoya City University, Japan in 1984 and Ph.D. from Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Japan in 1994. He worked at affiliations of Nagoya City University from 1984-1996 as a cardiologist.  He was a research scientist at the Washington (DC) Hospital Center (Interventional Cardiology) from 1996-1998.  He worked at Nagoya City University as an instructor (1998-2001). He was a director at Division of Cardiology, Toyohashi Heart Center (2001-2004) and Nagoya City East Medical Center (2005-2015). Since February, 2016 he works at Division of Cardiology, Sankuro Hospital, and Medical fitness club, Shin-Shin Toyota (Director), Toyota, Japan. As academic activities he worked at the angiographic core laboratory at Washington (DC) Hospital Center with Dr Popma in many randomized controlled trials in the field of interventional cardiology (1996-1998). He has worked as a director of Japan Cardiovascular Imaging Core Laboratory (Japan CICL)( 2007-2019).

He was a clinical professor of cardiology at Nagoya City University Graduate School of Medical Sciences (2004-2016). His major area of research includes interventional cardiology, especially in coronary imaging (QCA, OCT, IVUS etc.), cardiac rehabilitation, physical activity and fitness, and sports medicine.