Current Research in Agriculture and Horticulture
  ISBN: 978-81-940613-7-3
  Guest Editor: Prof. Dr. Lanzhuang Chen
  Faculty of Environment and Horticulture Science, Minami Kyushu University, Japan
  Short Biosketch

This book invites articles on all aspects Agriculture, Arboriculture, Olericulture, Pomology, Viticulture, Oenology, Floriculture, Turf management including all aspects of the production and maintenance of turf grass for sports, leisure use or amenity use and Landscape horticulture. The chapters of this book present results of current research in Agriculture, Tropical horticulture, Indigenous horticulture, Postharvest physiology (maintaining the quality of and preventing the spoilage of plants and animals), Horticultural therapy, Horticultural flora, Horticultural botany, Horticultural oil, Genomics of domestication, Genetically modified trees, Forest gardening, Organic horticulture, Vegan organic gardening and Plant protection.